£1000 per month

The package for those just starting out of just starting a new project

  • Facebook build and connect
  • Instagram build and connect
  • LinkedIn build and connect
  • 6 month daily post and plan
  • 6 month daily post and plan
  • LinkedIn Build and connect
  • 6 month daily post and plan
  • 250 Promo cards
  • 250 Business cards
  • Monthly reports and insights


£1000 per month

Ths package is entirely focused on your customers, it will do three things, help retain your customers, keep a finger on the pulse of what your customers are thinking and ensure you are aware of the oppourtunities that your customers would like to see from you.

  • 12 month retention process
  • Net promoter survey with actions
  • Monthly Email to customer base
  • Quarterly score card survey on specifc products
  • Birthday post
  • Incentive postal campaigns


£2000 per month (minimum 6 months)

Find out what the world is saying about a particular product, service or your business before getting ready to boost your way to the lead

  • Survey's
  • Score card
  • #report
  • Lost customer campaign
  • Market place report
  • Mapping provision
  • Data aquisiiton of prospects

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Professional PPC Management

£1200 per month

  • Set up and connect
  • One animation per month
  • Track and convert
  • Targetted key words and phrases
  • Targetted areas
  • Targetted demographics
  • Remarketing
  • Detailed monthly report

Social media Ad Management

£900 per month

  • Facebook ads set up, run and review
  • Instagram ads set up, run and review
  • One animation per month
  • Track and report
  • #reports trscking reports
  • Detailed report


£5000 per month

  • TV ads targettted within 3 mile radius
  • Local digital bill boards within 3 mile radius
  • Radio advertisements within local stations
  • In play ads
  • Influencers
  • Daily posts on 3 platforms

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We are committed to providing you with an exceptional marketing service.

We believe the best way to do this is through a no-nonsense, plain-speaking approach entirely focused on the results you need.

We aren’t looking to be just your marketing agency, we want to be your marketing department, the go-to for all your marketing needs.

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Building a trusted brand requires more than just an idea, it requires trusted marketing partners who have a mutual interest and passion for your success, I have no doubt that the easyMarketing team and all the easyMarketing agents will give their fullest support in helping you achieve your goals.


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everything else is simply a pathway to achieving them."









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easyMarketing is your partner for real solutions.

We are committed to you and your business. We have a desire to build a deep and long-lasting partnership with you by helping you achieve your business goals time and again.

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